Waring Replacement Cloverleaf Blender Glass Jar - 3573

Waring 3573 Replacement Glass Blender Jar
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  • Item #: WA-3573
  • Manufacturer: Waring
  • Condition: New
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Waring 3573 Replacement Cloverleaf Blender Glass Jar


Fits Waring PBB series and the MBB series blenders and Lab blenders such as the 7010 series.


Fits models:

11069 1154 11BL24 11BL56 11BL57 11BL90 1273 12BL56 12BL63 15BL69 18BL92 19BL36 19BL43 19BL44 19BL46 19BL49 19BL50 19BL51 19BL54 19BL62 19BL63 3020 3115 31BL42 31BL43 31BL44 31BL45 31BL46 31BL47 31BL69 31BL89 31BL93 32BL37 32BL38 32BL81 32BL90 32BL95 33BL59 33BL72 33BL74 33BL78 33BL79 34BL13 34BL14 34BL21 34BL45 34BL46 34BL53 34BL54 34BL55 34BL56 34BL57 34BL58 34BL59 34BL62 34BL67 34BL68 
34BL88 34BL94 35BL32 35BL33 35BL34 35BL37 35BL52 35BL59 35BL64 35BL70 36BL13 36BL16 36BL18 36BL31 36BL45 36BL47 36BL62 36BL80 36BL94 36BL96 37BL13 37BL14 37BL26 37BL35 37BL41 37BL44 37BL46 37BL47 37BL48 37BL49 37BL56 37BL67 37BL68 37BL69 37BL70 37BL71 37BL72 37BL73 38BL31 38BL34 38BL38 38BL39 38BL47 38BL54 38BL58 38BL80 38BL96 39BL12 39BL29 39BL34 39BL40 39BL48 39BL55 39BL64 43BL56 45BL80 5000 51BL20 51BL21 51BL22 51BL23 51BL24 51BL25 51BL26 51BL27 51BL29 51BL30 51BL32 51BL33 6000 702 B B1000 B1050 B2050 B5000 B6000 BB1000 BB1050 BB1200 BB2050 BB300 BB400 BB500 BB5000 BB90 BB900 BC1000 BC900 BLC35 BLC50 BLHC10 HGB2WTG4 HGB7WTG4 HGBEGYG4 HGBRWTG4 HGBTWTG4 MBB518 PB20 PB201 PB203 PB204 PB205 PB209 PB212 PB214 PB215 PB25 PB30 PBB20 PBB201 PBB202 PBB203 PBB204 PBB206 PBB209 PBB210 PBB211 PBB212 PBB213 PBB214 PBB215 PBB216 PBB217 PBB218 PBB219 PBB25 R600 R600GBS RSDM05 SDM05 SDM05G WF2111211

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