VillaWare Model 55200 Disney Waffle Maker Manual (Download)

VillaWare Model 55200 Disney Waffle Maker Manual (Download)
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  • Item #: 55200 Manual
  • Manufacturer: Villaware
  • Condition: New
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A downloadable manual for the 55200 models of the VillaWare Disney® Waffle Makers

It is written in both English and French.

Once you have made your payment you will recieve a link for your download.

This is a PDF document - 21mb

12 pages including cover, contains cooking instructions and recipes!



Once you have your waffle maker then you need the simple recipe.


Recipe Ingredients



Recipe Directions


For years families have been trying to duplicate the famous Mickey Mouse waffles of Walt Disney World, but something always seems to be lacking. The hidden ingredient is Carbon’s Golden Malted Flour.


Beat eggs and water together, then add flour and mix well. Stir in melted butter and mix well again. Ladle onto waffler, and remove when golden brown.


Top with Powdered Sugar, Fruit or just Maple Syrup and you have yourself a piece of the Disney Magic.

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