Sunbeam Mixmaster Junior Replacement Power Cord

Sunbeam Mixmaster Junior Replacement Power Cord
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  • Item #: MM Junior Cord - 31462
  • Manufacturer: Univen
  • Condition: New
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Sunbeam Mixmaster Junior Replacement Power Cord.

Power cord all cracked up? Your a do-it yourselfer?

Here is a replacement cord that is the correct diameter for the port in the mixer.

For Mixmaster model J only. (Junior)

It is made of heavy duty 18 guage wire and has a polarized plug.

It is a two conductor cord. (18/2)

Mixmaster Juniors did not use a third ground wire.

It is longer than you'll need. Just cut to desired length.


This cord has only a plug on one end.

The other end is bare wire. (See photos)


18 ga. 10 amp, 125v 1250 max watts.

20 feet in length. Gray only.

(Cut cord to desired lenth if 20 feet is too long for you!)

Mixmaster original cord length was 5.5'



Replacement instructions are available on our "Tech Help" page!

(Upper left corner)

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