Dormeyer Mixer Replacement Power Cord

Dormeyer Mixer Replacement Power Cord
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Dormeyer Mixer Replacement Power Cord

Power cord all cracked up? Your a do-it yourselfer?

Here is a replacement cord that is the correct diameter for the port in the mixer.

Fits most Dormeyer stand mixer models.

It is made of heavy duty 16 guage wire and has a polarized plug.

It is a two conductor cord.

Dormeyer mixers did not use a third ground wire.

16 ga.  13 amp, 125v  1625 max watts,  insulated for 300v.

8 feet in length. Black only.



This cord has only a plug on one end.


The other end is bare wire. (See photos)

(Cut cord to desired lenth if 8 feet is too long for you!)

Dormeyer original cord length was 6'

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