Mixmaster Juicer Assembly for models 10,11,12 complete

Mixmaster juicer
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  • Item #: 10 Juicer Assmbly
  • Manufacturer: Sunbeam
  • Condition: Used
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Mixmaster Juicer Assembly for models 10,11,12 complete.

A complete juicer assembly for your model 10, 11 or 12C.

Vintage juicer attachment has four pieces - the white milk glass bowl

with a plastic spout to direct the juice away from the mixer,

metal strainer, and porcelain reamer with metal spindle.

These are in excellent condition, they look almost unused.

All are in great condition.

There are no chips or cracks on the reamer, which is very uncommon!

Incredible! - You will not find a better looking juicer.

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